Where Do You Get Bed Bugs From?

Bed bugs are one of the worst pests to tangle with because they’re so difficult to get rid of. Some people also attach a certain social stigma to bed bug infestations, assuming they’re always associated with poverty or poor living conditions. But the fact is they are equal-opportunity invaders. Anyone can get them, and without […]

Can You Self-Treat for Bed Bugs?

Can You Self Treat for Bed Bugs? This a sample of OTC bed bug sprays that claim to do the job. They may work temporarily, but it is not a bed bug eradication tactic

There are pest infestations, and there are bed bug infestations. If you’ve ever battled these insidious beasts, you know it’s a life-changing commitment that goes on for months. If you catch them early enough, you may stand a chance of controlling their spread, and possibly even winning the war, but the problem is that bed bugs […]