Is One Cockroach a Problem?

An American Cockroach Laying an Egg Case

Cockroaches are ridiculously resilient. So resilient that some biologists believe they would outlast all other species on Earth in many environmental scenarios. Be that as it may, we humans have no plans of surrendering our homes to them just yet, so the battle against the bugs rages on. Some roach infestations can be successfully treated […]

How Quickly Do Cockroaches Reproduce?

What Kind of Cockroach are Mating in My House

Think rabbits, as in the saying “breeding like rabbits.” Cockroaches have several natural survival tools and, like rabbits, one of their top talents is baby-making. Roaches are also extremely social creatures, so if you see one cockroach on your property, it’s safe to assume there are others, possibly lots of others. But how quickly do […]