Where Do You Get Bed Bugs From?

Bed bugs are one of the worst pests to tangle with because they’re so difficult to get rid of. Some people also attach a certain social stigma to bed bug infestations, assuming they’re always associated with poverty or poor living conditions. But the fact is they are equal-opportunity invaders. Anyone can get them, and without […]

What are Odorous House Ants?

Six Adult Odorous Ants Drinking Poison

These little stinkers take their name from the strong, rotten-coconut odor they emit when crushed. Blackish-brown in color, odorous house ants are very small, averaging only 1/8″ long. They aren’t directly dangerous to humans, but their huge colonies can contaminate food stores with alarming speed. And if you see one odorous house ant, there’s a […]

Professional vs. DIY Pest Control | Why Is It Less Expensive to Hire a Pro?

Illustration with five exterminators demonstrating different tools used for professional pest control. At the bottom of the image is a silhouette of a mouse and a cockroach. Each is covered with a prohibited symbol.

Professional vs. DIY Pest Control Most of us know the drill: see bug, race to hardware store, buy chemicals, race home, spray the place where the bug was, and hope it worked. Sometimes it does; often it doesn’t. It’s hard to win a fight against an enemy you don’t understand, and most of us don’t […]