Commercial Pest Control – Get Rid of Roaches!

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How much does pest control cost for roaches? Well, at Go Green Pest Control (Wichita, KS) we have the most competitive prices in Wichita. Give us a call at 316.733.0687 and request a free quote. We offer IPM (Integrated Pest Management) Roach Control services for healthcare/ hospitals/ and medical facilities, business and offices, universities/ colleges/ […]

Residential Vs. Commercial Pest Control: What to Expect?

Residential Vs. Commercial Pest Control: What to Expect?

When a residential customer calls for pest control services, it’s often in response to a problem that’s arisen; roaches in the kitchen, silverfish in the shower … something nasty. On the other hand, commercial pest control customers usually have a plan because they’re subject to more constraints and regulations than homeowners. Pest control technicians employ […]

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Group of American cockroaches crawling on the ground Learn more about residential pest control as we go through a brief description, threat level, and plan of attack of the 6 most hated pests… Spiders Description: Araneae/ arachnids have eight legs, two body regions, no wings, or antennae. Three or four pair of eyes. Threat Level: Low to high, most spiders pose little […]