Commercial Pest Control – Get Rid of Roaches!

How much does pest control cost for roaches? Well, at Go Green Pest Control (Wichita, KS) we have the most competitive prices in Wichita. Give us a call at 316.733.0687 and request a free quote.

We offer IPM (Integrated Pest Management) Roach Control services for healthcare/ hospitals/ and medical facilities, business and offices, universities/ colleges/ high schools/ elementary schools, and day cares. We offer pest control for roaches for restaurants, cafes, and kitchens as well as chemical, chemistry, and science labs.

Get Rid of Roaches

We’re not done yet. If your searching for how to get rid of roaches in an eco/ green friendly manner, for my rental properties, then search no more! Go Green Pest Control also does roach extermination for apartments, assisted living, and various other housing types.

Last but definitely not least, roach control for gyms and workout facilities is definitely on the list. This includes spas and massage parlors.

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