How Often Should I Have My Home Treated for Pests?

Group of odorous house ants climbing on sugary substance

If all homes were perfectly sealed containers, people wouldn’t have nearly as many pest problems. But the reality is that most homes require ongoing maintenance to keep out ants, spiders, roaches, and rodents. Cracks that naturally develop around windows, doors, access panels, and utility boxes allow these intruders to slip inside. Other pests, like bed bugs, […]

Are Wolf Spiders Poisonous?

Large Common Kansas Wolf Spider

Before we answer this question, let’s clear up a small terminology issue: poison is secreted by amphibians and insects to keep other animals from eating them. Venom is used by snakes, ants, and spiders, which inject it into their prey. With that definition in mind, we shouldn’t ask, “Are wolf spiders poisonous,” but rather, “are […]

Where Do You Get Bed Bugs From?

Bed bugs are one of the worst pests to tangle with because they’re so difficult to get rid of. Some people also attach a certain social stigma to bed bug infestations, assuming they’re always associated with poverty or poor living conditions. But the fact is they are equal-opportunity invaders. Anyone can get them, and without […]

Is Regular, Preventative Pest Control Necessary?

Is Regular, Preventative Pest Control Necessary? Tired of feeling like your home or business has a revolving door for pests? So are a lot of people. Pests have become so rampant in America—and the use of over-the-counter pesticides so common—that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has worked with scientists and pest control professionals to establish guidelines for pest treatment […]