Understanding Spider Control

A spider problem can be daunting. Most of the species that invade human living spaces are reclusive and therefore hard to track down and remove. But when they start reproducing, it can suddenly feel like a horror movie to anyone who’s afraid of arachnids. The truth is that most spiders in Kansas are harmless; still, most of us don’t find them cuddly or cute, and we certainly don’t want to be roommates with them. But effective spider control in Kansas—done safely—is a science, and these uninvited guests can sometimes be difficult to evict with off-the-shelf remedies.

How Do You Stop a Spider Infestation?

Hanging spider egg sac

If you want to defeat spiders, it helps to have a basic understanding of their behavior. Most of what you need to know is common sense because spiders, like any other animal, are usually looking for food, water, and warmth. You may have noticed there seem to be more spiders indoors during the colder months, and that’s because temperatures drive them into warmer spaces, like businesses, homes, and outbuildings. Once you understand what they’re doing, you can take steps to keep them from setting up housekeeping:

What Is the Best Pest Control for Spiders?

Closeup of Wolf Spider on sidewalk

First, we’ll cover the do-it-yourself spider control:

Professional Spider Control Methods

Closeup of Garden Spider on a web

If your best efforts at DIY spider control seem to be failing, it’s natural to wonder, “Should I get my house sprayed for spiders?” As mentioned above, the pros have some tools that you don’t have, the most important of which is knowledge. Green pest control technicians study pest behavior, which allows them to anticipate patterns, find nesting areas, and treat problems at their sources.

Secondly, professionals are licensed to use chemicals that are not available to the general public. Many of these are tightly targeted to specific pest species—and even specific life-cycle events. Accurately applied professional chemicals are sometimes necessary to entirely root out a spider infestation.

And finally, green pest pros possess tools and application methods that can place chemicals in the deep, dark places where pests hide. Over-the-counter applicators just don’t have the same reach, which can be a crucial advantage on many properties.

Is It Worth Getting an Exterminator for Spiders?

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How much does it cost to have an exterminator spray for spiders compared to doing it yourself? It costs more, but it’s probably cheaper than you think. And if you’re tired of fighting the spider fight, it’s money well spent.

The real value of professional pest control comes when you sign up for an Integrated Pest Management plan with a reputable company. Go Green’s IPM plan costs about $75 per month for a 2,000 square foot home. This provides several distinct advantages against spiders and other pests:

How Dangerous Are Spider Bites?

Clsoeup of a funnel-web spider's fangs

For the most part, bites from spiders in Kansas are not dangerous. The exceptions are the brown recluse and black widow species, and humans rarely cross paths with these. Most of the nearly 500 spider species in Kansas are harmless to most people. And the old saying, “They’re more afraid of you than you are of them,” is true of all spiders.

With a little forethought and common sense, most people should have no trouble going their entire lives without a dangerous spider bite. To avoid brown recluse spiders, be cautious when cleaning out dark areas, unused spaces, and cluttered areas indoors. To avoid black widows, be careful when turning over brush, wood piles, and debris outdoors.

Brown widow spider building web on the underside of a tree branch

Why Is Go Green Pest Control Your #1 Choice for Spider Control?

It’s no secret that pest treatments can be dangerous, but Go Green operates according to guideless provided by the Environmental Protection Agency. This means we use the most effective methods available with minimum risk to humans, pets, and non-targeted wildlife species. Learn more about spider control on the Go Green Pest Control website, or give us a call to chat with a professional: (316) 733-0687 in Wichita or (785) 377-0687 in Manhattan and Junction City, Kansas.